Rejuvenating 108 Serum



  • A formula perfected through 108 experiments over 10 years
  • Creates a tightening feeling after approximately 70 seconds of applying and continues to have a lifting effect on the skin for 7-8 hours
  • Contains patented ingredients (caviar and ginseng extract) in addition to anti-aging components such as copper tripeptide-1, which exists naturally in human body and is gradually reduced by aging
  • Recommended for night time routine used with the Enriched Royal Crystal Cream
  • Made in Korea, C&BCOSMETIC Co. Ltd.
  • 50 ml

How to Use

  • Apply serum on your face after toner
  • Do not rub or tap serum onto your face; wait for skin to absorb
  • Do not frown and try to minimize speaking
  • May feel like a dense spider web on your skin's surface within 70 minutes of applying
  • Apply moisturizer once your skin has absorbed the serum. Layering moisturizer or other products multiple times may cause serum to peel off

Main Ingredients

  • Caviar extract, ginseng, pearl extract, adenosine, copper tripeptide-1