Premium Caviar Skincare & Make-up Gift Set


Premium Caviar Skincare & Make-up Gift Set for systematic and Effective Anti-aging Care

After wash your face, apply black diamond O₂ Serum and crystal cream for daily. Use 1 mask per 2-3 days for special care.


1. Caviall Black Diamond O₂ Serum -100ml x 1ea

  • Micro Oxygen Bubble Provides Pure Oxygen to the skin as restoring skin vitality and helps Anti-Oxidation.

  • Usage : 
    1. Apply the O₂ Serum on cleansed face without using toner.
    2. Wait a while for enough of the Oxygen Bubbles to rise.
    3. After the Oxygen Bubble Bursts, Tap Lightly with your hands to absorb it.


2. Caviall Enriched Royal Crystal Cream - 50ml x 1ea

  • Nourishing Cream perfectly cares skin wrinkles and elasticity.

  • Usage : 

    After using Step (1), O₂ Serum, Take a beansized cream and rub evenly over the entire face and neck.

3. Caviall Superior Nourinkle Mask - 25ml x 10ea

  • 3-step Mask Composed of Clinically tested elastic boosting. Ampoule, Nourishing Mask, and moisturizing Anti-wrinkle cream.

  • Usage : 

    Depending on your skin condition, use 1 or 2 a week as indicated on the back of the product.

4. Caviall Enriched Ampoule Cover Cushion(SPF 50+, PA +++) - 15g x 1ea

  • Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening, Sun Screen triple functional cover cushion provides moist and perfect cover.

  • Usage :
    After Skin Care, take an appropriate amount of the contents with the included puff and pat in on the kin evenly.