Black Diamond O2 Serum



  • Skin rebooting program in a 3 step oxygen care: oxygen carrier to purify skin; beluga caviar extract carrying protein and amino acids for anti-aging function; copper tripeptide-1 to improve damaged skin barrier
  • Caviar extracted via Caviall's exclusively patented technology
  • Best for brightening effect, elasticity, and increased moisture
  • Made in Korea, C&BCOSMETIC Co. Ltd.
  • 100 ml

How to Use

  • Apply 3-4 pumps onto cleansed face with or without toner
  • Let oxygen bubbles form and pop for 7 seconds
  • Gently tap the remaining serum for absorption

Main Ingredients

  • Water; glycerin; caviar (50,000 ppm); various natural ingredients including but not limited to crataegus monogina fruit extract, ginsenosides, ginseng leaf/stem extract